Organizational EDI Audits

When a company wishes to further develop a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion across their organization, they must—with great intention—examine EDI in the workplace in its current state. As all companies are unique, in doing this organizations generate a clearer sense for where resources, time, and efforts should be concentrated. Even companies making significant progress establishing a strong EDI culture must continually assess where and how they might improve. There is still work to do.

Our firm has created a rigorous external review process that outlines how a company is performing in the context of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Entitled EDI-ERA (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion – External Review and Audit), this process—which is unique to BIPOC Executive Search Inc.—surfaces gaps and blind spots, and provides a list of recommendations for a company’s review and consideration.

The review process takes approximately 3 months to complete. Among other components that make up our independent review, our consultants: review processes, policies, and practices currently in place, evaluating possible shortcomings in the context of EDI; hold one-on-one consultations with individuals throughout the organization to gather qualitative insights; and, from an EDI perspective, conduct a deep review of how a company is perceived in the public domain by their clientele and/or customers.

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Cultural Transformation Support

When a company has increased awareness for how it performs in the context of equity, diversity, and inclusion, the steps that are required for how to improve become clearer. Our team is able to assist companies in their effort to implement EDI recommendations and strategies.

Our Cultural Transformation Support process takes approximately 3 months to complete. The work involves partnering with various departmental leaders, and helping them put specific plans in place—unique to their area—for enhancing EDI and ensuring EDI principles are embedded in the ethos and values of their respective departments. All plans are constructed in a manner that allows progress to be measured.

If there is a desire to retain BIPOC Executive Search for Cultural Transformation Support services, please note that we strongly recommend a company undergo our Organizational EDI Audit process as a first step.

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Human Resources EDI Support

HR departments are foundational to the success of organizations. As there are so many moving parts in the area of human resources, matters related to EDI can improve dramatically when HR departments have a third-party resource to partner with.

For our Human Resources EDI Support services, we work with companies on a 3-month or 6-month retainer model. Below are a few services provided over the course of the retainer:

  • When conducting searches at the entry or middle level management levels, tailored council and advice on how best to attract BIPOC candidates;
  • Dedicated resource to HR staff when addressing mental health and wellness matters as they relate to BIPOC employees;
  • Dedicated coaching and advice on how HR departments can support BIPOC employees, particularly Black and Indigenous employee groups, as it relates to retention and career progression within the organization;
  • Dedicated cultural sensitivity training;
  • Ongoing examination of HR policies and practices, and ensuring they evolve with changing times.
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Executive Coaching

Our coaching services—imbued with an equity lens—generate compelling and transformative outcomes for client organizations as well as individuals seeking one-on-one coaching services. Among the many areas that we cover in the area of coaching, a few include: advancing cultural competency and sensitivity as a leader, managing through change, strengthening one’s abilities around inclusive hiring practices, managing conflict, elevating workplace culture, building one’s leadership capacity for progressively senior roles, and strengthening one’s skills around interviewing and public speaking.

An important part of our coaching framework is experimentation. This means being open to trying new approaches, stepping outside of one’s comfort zone, and being willing to learn from both successes and failures. As a part of our coaching process, we remind our clients—ongoingly—that they must believe in themselves and their own abilities.

No two organizations are alike, be it in their people, their core business, or their culture. Similarly no two people are alike, be it in their professional interests, developmental needs, or the work and life situations they’re contending with and need help navigating. By offering a coaching service that provides participants with practical tools for application, we’ve become recognized for our ability to help clients—both at the individual and organizational levels—build capacity and realize even greater potential.

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