Our Policy

BIPOC Executive Search is committed to providing exceptional client service to those persons living with a disability or disabilities. More specifically, we are committed to following the Customer Service Standard of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).

Addressing Various Forms of Access-Barriers

We recognize thar barriers to access can come in varying forms, including but not limited to Architectural/Physical, Attitudinal, Communication/Information, Organizational, Situational, or Technological:

  • Regarding the Architectural/Physical aspects of our work, we commit to making use of buildings and spaces that do not limit people’s access to services and full participation. Spaces that we make use of, therefore, will have access to automatic doors, accessible washrooms, ramps, and so forth.
  • Regarding Attitudinal aspects of accessibility, we ensure that our team has an understanding and/or strong appreciation for how living with certain disabilities can or may affect the subject living with those disabilities. Further to this, our firm is committed to ongoing dialogue and trainings to continually elevate our awareness and understanding for how best to support people based on their unique disability/disabilities.
  • Regarding Communication/Information matters, we commit to ensuring the information we disseminate as a firm is available in formats that all employees, clients, and communities can access.
  • Regarding the Organizational context of accessibility, we commit to ensuring that our policies, practices, and procedures do not discriminate against people living with disabilities.
  • Regarding Situational matters where accessibility is concerned, we commit to ensuring our virtual and physical environments do not limit full participation in work-related or project-related activities.
  • Regarding Technological resources, we will continually elevate the ways in which technology is utilized and/or is incorporated into our day-to-day work here at BIPOC ES, thereby ensuring our firm’s services are fully accessible to our colleagues, clients, and communities via technological means.

Our Commitment

BIPOC Executive Search is committed to assisting persons with disabilities in every way possible. Should someone living with a disability request accommodations during a search process or during any of our firm’s activities, we will make every effort to satisfy that request.

Comments, Questions & Concerns

BIPOC Executive Search encourages any feedback in the form of comments or questions. Please provide any feedback via telephone or e-mail using any means below:

  • Erica Ing
  • Vice-President, Operations
  • BIPOC Executive Search
  • Phone: 647-495-8310
  • Direct: 289-813-5089