Specialists in Inclusive and Diversity Recruitment

Within recruitment and talent acquisition, broadly speaking, studies reveal that the process often used for generating candidates involves tapping into social networks and leveraging personal connections—in other words, “who you know.” It has also involved considering candidates who can be found in similar environments; overtime, this creates a homogenous candidate pool.

As BIPOC Executive Search Inc. specializes in the recruitment of Black, Indigenous, and racialized candidates, we work alongside our clients to identify and attract candidates from ethnocultural backgrounds often not seen around leadership tables, thereby ensuring an applicant pool that’s truly representative of greater society.

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Public Sector/Nonprofit/

Arts & Culture, Education, Government, Healthcare, Charitable Organizations, Social Services Agencies, Community Organizations

Private Sector

Commercial Entertainment, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Consumer Products and Services, Sports, Media, Advertising, Public Relations, Travel and Hospitality, Real Estate and Construction, Telecommunications, Startup and Venture Capital


Agribusiness, Automotive, Aviation, Manufacturing, Transportation


AI/Machine Learning, Digital, Data, Analytics, IT

Some Common Functional Roles

CEOs, Presidents, Executive Directors, Deans

Executive Vice-Presidents, Senior Vice-Presidents, Vice-Presidents

Board of Directors

CFOs and Financial Officers

Chief Diversity Officers and Diversity Directors

CHROs and HR Officers

CIOs and IT Officers

CMOs and Marketing Officers

AVPs, Directors, Heads

And More...