BIPOC Executive Search Inc.

A mission-driven organization—profoundly and unequivocally

BIPOC Executive Search Inc.

A mission-driven organization—profoundly and unequivocally

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Is twofold: by working with clients to attract, develop, and retain a workforce truly representative of diverse populations, as global citizens we’ll build greater capacity to innovate while we meaningfully tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time. Since research has shown that companies inclusive of Black, Indigenous, and communities of colour perform better fiscally, aside from the moral argument around inclusivity our economy is not realizing its true potential when diversity at the executive level is lacking. Where racial diversity in organizations is lacking, BIPOC Executive Search Inc. can help.

Inspired by the work of the BlackNorth Initiative—an initiative calling on companies to ensure Black leaders hold a minimum of 3.5% executive and board roles by 2025—the BIPOC Executive Search team brings professional and lived experience to their recruitment discussions with Indigenous and racialized candidates. As many workplaces are steeped in historical and institutional structures often responsible for disenfranchising Indigenous and/or racialized hires, BIPOC Executive Search Inc. also provides a range of solutions, services, and training designed to improve inclusivity across organizations.

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