BIPOC Executive Search Inc. is a
mission- and purpose-driven organization.

With respect to our purpose, that’s twofold: by working with clients to attract, develop, and retain a workforce truly representative of diverse populations, as global citizens we’ll build greater capacity to innovate while we meaningfully tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Intuitively, we know that many companies share the belief that a diverse workforce is both good and necessary. Where Indigenous representation and racial diversity appears to be lacking, as well as diversity among the LGBTQ2SIA community, persons living with disabilities, and others who can contribute to further plurality within our organizations including staunch allies, BIPOC Executive Search Inc. can help. We provide a range of solutions, services, and training designed to improve a culture of inclusivity across organizations, and we’re proud of the relational approach we bring to each and every engagement and interaction. We’re also proud to be BlackNorth Initiative’s official HR Business Partner and Executive Search Firm of choice for recruitment and EDI-related services.